Thanks to the funding we received from The Lauderdale Trust, and in partnership with local churches in Lincoln, we were able to lead a school’s mission into three schools in Lincoln City and one school in Skegness. Our missions band OTC delivered sessions on wellbeing to young people using their music and powerful testimonies. A total of 2,500 young people heard positive life messages throughout the week. The week culminated in a high-energy gig where around 300 young people heard the gospel boldly proclaimed. Here, 54 young people responded to the good news of Jesus and are now connected to a local church for follow-up.

Feedback on the mission:

“I’ve accepted Jesus into my life and become a Christian.”

The response one lad at the gig shared with James from OTC

“Thanks so much, the students are raving about it saying thanks to me for bringing you in.”

Head teacher at a Lincoln School