Our application process has two stages, the details of which are set out below.

Expression of Interest

If you think your project would benefit significantly from a grant from The Lauderdale Trust, please complete the Expression of Interest Form found below. Please note that:

  • The kinds of projects that The Lauderdale Trust wants to support will have clear project impact, working to transform communities by making Jesus known and enabling a step change in an area of need or deprivation.
  • We are willing to consider funding up to 50% of project costs, including core costs, but will want to understand how the remaining funding will be secured.
  • As noted under What We Support, we do not fund the purchase of property or major building projects, although we may consider refurbishment/re-purposing work.

In fairness to other applicants, we ask that charities who are unsuccessful in applying for funding do not re-apply in relation to the same project within a twelve-month period (an application for a different project may be possible). We also ask that only one application per organisation be made within each round.

Submit Expression of Interest

Making a Formal Application

If, once we’ve considered your Expression of Interest, we would like you to submit an application, we will send you an Application Form and will ask you to submit via email to the Trust at info@lauderdaletrust.org.

Your application should include details about:

  • Your organisation – charity details, the purpose of the organisation, and how you meet The Lauderdale Trust’s vision and focus.
  • Your project – what you want the funding for, what experience you have in this area to support your application, and what outcomes you hope to achieve.
  • The project’s finances – a breakdown of the budget for the project, including the areas that the requested grant will fund; information about other funding already secured; and your assessment of the long-term sustainability of the project (e.g., if applicable, how the project will continue beyond the lifetime of any grant).
  • Supporting documents – other supporting documentation, including a copy of your most recent accounts and an up-to-date safeguarding policy.
  • Details of two referees willing to vouch for the project or for the wider charity (email addresses preferred).

All applications will be assessed and, if eligible for potential funding, will be considered at a Trustees Meeting. These are usually held three times a year, according to the following pattern:

Application Deadline:
1 December 2023
Decisions in March 2024
Application Deadline:
4 April 2024
Decisions in June 2024
Application Deadline:
18 July 2024
Decisions in October 2024

Next closing date for applications: Friday 1 December 2023.

If you need any advice on the application process, please contact Clare Durban at info@lauderdaletrust.org.