Our vision is to transform communities by making Jesus known, through providing grant funding and support to Christian charities.

Our current focus is on providing support for community-focused initiatives in areas of need or deprivation within the UK.

Grants may be as follows:

Between £10,000 and £50,000 per year
For a maximum of three years (reviewed every six months)
Funding up to a maximum of 50% of project costs

The following parameters currently apply:

  • The charities that we support will be working towards the advancement of the Christian faith, transforming communities by making Jesus known.
  • They will be small to mid-sized charities, registered and working in the UK and operating at grassroots level in an area of need or deprivation.
  • They will have clear management and governance structures in place, including a minimum of three trustees.

Please note that The Trust does not currently consider applications for:

  • Organisations which are not registered in the UK or who are working primarily overseas.
  • The purchase of property or major building projects (although the Trust may consider grants towards the refurbishment and re-purposing of buildings and facilities for a specific purpose within a community-focused initiative).

For some examples of the kinds of projects which The Lauderdale Trust is currently funding, please see our case studies.

The Lauderdale Trust is committed to engaging in meaningful relationships with the charities with whom we partner: as such, the amount of funding that we are prepared to consider for an individual project is significant (up to 50% of project costs). That said, only a limited amount of funds may be deployed for grant support within any given financial year: this means that, unavoidably, a significant number of applications will not receive grant funding even if they fit within the priorities and criteria of the Trust. We will always keep projects informed about the outcome of their application.